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Celebrating 10 years of working in Shaftesbury!

The Physio Centre moved up the hill from Gillingham to Shaftesbury in 2008. After a brief period on Park Walk I found a new place called Guinea Court in the old Co-op carpark. Guinea Court was originally part of the old market buildings in Shaftesbury and was then used as a store room for another shop. With a name like that I had to hunt for an old guinea to frame for the wall in the waiting room. I also found lots of pictures to put on the walls as well as a telescopic feather duster to make sure that patients can’t find a cobweb when they are lying on the couch!

The whole site was refurbished and my part was finished just in time. In fact we had the pictures on the wall just 12 hours before the first patient walked in!

Fallen on the ice? Slipped on the mud? Or is it just a sprain?

Whatever you have done help is at hand!

If you have cheap 5 mg cialis daily amoxicillin 40 pound child accidente cerebrovascular viagra niagara natural viagra science investigatory project research paper samples sildenafil gel topical see rice university help desk source url prednisone /canada essay topics for demian go contest courage essay in profile best place online to get viagra homework help by mandy barrow how do i add an email on my iphone x body art and ornamentation essay outline viagra fr frauen apotheke tedarise 20 online broken your wrist or ankle and find yourself in plaster you need help. The limb is painful and life is difficult as you can’t use it normally. Patients are usually given exercises to do at the hospital but often do them incorrectly from fear of moving the break or just from pain.

A friendly Physio to help and advise at this stage can make a huge difference to the speed of recovery once the cast is off.

Age doesn’t matter, its not just the elderly, the young are also likely to fall over and break something in this weather.

A leaflet on what to do in plaster or after a break is available at the Physio Centre in Shaftesbury. Call for a copy to be sent to you or to make an appointment to see Jacqueline in Shaftesbury.

Just Sprained it? Then RICE it!

A badly sprained ankle needs rest. It will not repair as quickly nor as well if you ‘walk through it’. Elevate it and apply an ice pack.

Use crushed ice or a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a wet towel and applied around the part for a maximum of 20 minutes as you can burn yourself with ice.

You can repeat the ice treatment every two of hours, reuse the frozen peas but don’t eat them!

A crêpe bandage or Tubigrip will compress the joint and help to reduce the swelling.


Price of treatment to rise in April.

The price of treatment last went up in March 2015 but will have to be increased in April this year.  So, all those niggly aches and pains that you’ve been putting off finding time to get sorted? Now’s the time to book a physio appointment.
Get it sorted before April and save on the  price increase.  I have just done my 9830th treatment in Shaftesbury, there is a special prize for the patient with invoice 10,000!


Invitation to No 10 Downing Street

downingstreetJacqueline was invited to Number 10 by Jeremy Hunt, along with about 100 other medical personnel, to a presentation evening entitled Patient Power in the NHS. Having passed through security and entered by the black door we were directed up the staircase lined with pictures of past prime ministers. I was fortunate to have no one with me at that point so I could linger and take in the surroundings.

The reception consisted of delicious canapés and wines. There was a great buzz of conversation between all the medical guests and a few patients too! Jeremy Hunt MP gave a short speech about enabling patients to have more say in how their care is delivered.

He said “The 21st Century NHS must be a joint creation but one that puts empowered patients at its core. Only then can we create sustainable services that meet the needs of those it serves.” There was a good discussion both before and after the speeches.

Still Suffering? Time to get fit for Christmas!

Still Suffering? Time to get fit for Christmas!

There is still time to get fit for Christmas! All those niggly aches and pains that
you’ve been putting off finding time to get sorted? Now’s the time to book a physio

There have been many patients with problems in the run up to Christmas.

Writing Christmas cards for long periods on your knee on the sofa, or even at a table
that’s the wrong height, has given patients neck and shoulder pain. The problem
was there slightly but the concentrated effort against the clock exacerbated it.Read More

The Reduction of a Leg: Case Study of Mr H

Mr H was 31 and in the Kuwait army. In 2009 he did a parachute jump, one of many, but made a bad landing on stony ground. There was pain in his right ankle but no fracture just “soft tissue damage” Over time, his right toes, foot, ankle and calf became swollen, then his thigh swelled up. The patient attributes the swelling to the accident.

He had treatment in the Middle East; Physio in Egypt for 1 month – worse afterwards, Physio in Kuwait for 9 months – worse still, then 2 years ago he had 20 days in hospital with compression and legs elevated – swelling increased 4 inches in 20 days!

Read More

Whiplash Treatment

I gave a presentation to the independent Doctors Federation in Barcelona on the treatment of Whiplash.

This was a retrospective study of 81 whiplash patients treated with physiotherapy. The average number of treatments required to discharge was less than 6 and the treatment was effective despite the time elapsed since the accident, type of accident, age of patient and whether they had had prior therapeutic interventions. please follow the link below for further information.

Extended Recovery in the Treatment of Whiplash

Physiotherapists Set To Receive Prescription Priveliges

British ministers have held a consultation, approving plans to allow podiatrists and physiotherapists powers to prescribe medication and painkillers. Parliament is expected to agree to the changes, but the fact that ministers have agreed to the revisions represents in itself a tremendous step forward for physiotherapy.

The plans are intended to help streamline the process of enabling suffering patients to receive treatment and relief quickly. The present system causes delays in the treatment of patients requiring medication, as GPs are the only source of prescriptions for medication.

Under the revised laws, due to come into effect in 2014, physiotherapists will also be able to prescribe suitable medication for injuries and conditions which require them.

In an interview with the BBC, physiotherapist David Baker stressed the fact that the most important factor of this development is the safety of patients.

You can read the full story on the BBC website here – we’ll keep you updated on the story as more news comes to light.