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Physiotherapists Set To Receive Prescription Priveliges

British ministers have held a consultation, approving plans to allow podiatrists and physiotherapists powers to prescribe medication and painkillers. Parliament is expected to agree to the changes, but the fact that ministers have agreed to the revisions represents in itself a tremendous step forward for physiotherapy.

The plans are intended to help streamline the process of enabling suffering patients to receive treatment and relief quickly. The present system causes delays in the treatment of patients requiring medication, as GPs are the only source of prescriptions for medication.

Under the revised laws, due to come into effect in 2014, physiotherapists will also be able to prescribe suitable medication for injuries and conditions which require them.

In an interview with the BBC, physiotherapist David Baker stressed the fact that the most important factor of this development is the safety of patients.

You can read the full story on the BBC website here – we’ll keep you updated on the story as more news comes to light.