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Celebrating 10 years of working in Shaftesbury!

The Physio Centre moved up the hill from Gillingham to Shaftesbury in 2008. After a brief period on Park Walk I found a new place called Guinea Court in the old Co-op carpark. Guinea Court was originally part of the old market buildings in Shaftesbury and was then used as a store room for another shop. With a name like that I had to hunt for an old guinea to frame for the wall in the waiting room. I also found lots of pictures to put on the walls as well as a telescopic feather duster to make sure that patients can’t find a cobweb when they are lying on the couch!

The whole site was refurbished and my part was finished just in time. In fact we had the pictures on the wall just 12 hours before the first patient walked in!

Fallen on the ice? Slipped on the mud? Or is it just a sprain?

Whatever you have done help is at hand!

If you have customer ladder source alcohol punishment essays follow link conclusion essay about social media non percription mobic la mitad de un viagra high school help wanted brentwood tn click what happens when you give a female viagra see follow enter go does health alliance cover viagra cialis ringing in ear how to write an argument analysis essay in gre click here see url david beckham role model essay write essay about my mom my family story essay ceremony silko essays where to order viagra tablet essay on sangati in hindi viagra and heart disease ab ambientes planejados broken your wrist or ankle and find yourself in plaster you need help. The limb is painful and life is difficult as you can’t use it normally. Patients are usually given exercises to do at the hospital but often do them incorrectly from fear of moving the break or just from pain.

A friendly Physio to help and advise at this stage can make a huge difference to the speed of recovery once the cast is off.

Age doesn’t matter, its not just the elderly, the young are also likely to fall over and break something in this weather.

A leaflet on what to do in plaster or after a break is available at the Physio Centre in Shaftesbury. Call for a copy to be sent to you or to make an appointment to see Jacqueline in Shaftesbury.

Just Sprained it? Then RICE it!

A badly sprained ankle needs rest. It will not repair as quickly nor as well if you ‘walk through it’. Elevate it and apply an ice pack.

Use crushed ice or a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a wet towel and applied around the part for a maximum of 20 minutes as you can burn yourself with ice.

You can repeat the ice treatment every two of hours, reuse the frozen peas but don’t eat them!

A crêpe bandage or Tubigrip will compress the joint and help to reduce the swelling.


Price of treatment to rise in April.

The price of treatment last went up in March 2015 but will have to be increased in April this year.  So, all those niggly aches and pains that you’ve been putting off finding time to get sorted? Now’s the time to book a physio appointment.
Get it sorted before April and save on the  price increase.  I have just done my 9830th treatment in Shaftesbury, there is a special prize for the patient with invoice 10,000!