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However there can be other causes of poor circulation in cold hands and feet.

When the passage of blood through the skin is reduced or restricted then the extremities become cold, this can be the result of increased connective tissue tension around the blood vessels.
One visible symptom can be colour change the hands, feet or other extremities (as these are what is normally affected). This can go from a healthy pink to purple, blue or even white. This can cause distress but as the part warms up the colour change starts to reverse back to pink. When the colour returns there is often a throbbing or buzzing sensation. A little like you might experience after thawing out your hands after playing in the snow with no gloves on.
Some people when they start to get cold hands and feet think it is nothing to be concerned with and just put up with it, however for some it can become a serious problem and especially if it gets worse or goes on for a prolonged period of time.
If you need to wear bed socks even in the summer or if you have discolouration of the hands or feet then you may need to seek help. Severe cases of restricted blood flow for prolonged periods of time may result in frost bite or even gangrene.

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Connective tissue manipulation can help reduce the tension around the blood vessels which allows the blood to flow more freely through the opened tubes. The improvement in circulation is maintained and the effect is cumulative.