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Invitation to No 10 Downing Street

downingstreetJacqueline was invited to Number 10 by Jeremy Hunt, along with about 100 other medical personnel, to a presentation evening entitled Patient Power in the NHS. Having passed through security and entered by the black door we were directed up the staircase lined with pictures of past prime ministers. I was fortunate to have no one with me at that point so I could linger and take in the surroundings.

The reception consisted of delicious canapés and wines. There was a great buzz of conversation between all the medical guests and a few patients too! Jeremy Hunt MP gave a short speech about enabling patients to have more say in how their care is delivered.

He said “The 21st Century NHS must be a joint creation but one that puts empowered patients at its core. Only then can we create sustainable services that meet the needs of those it serves.” There was a good discussion both before and after the speeches.