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Still Suffering? Time to get fit for Christmas!

Still Suffering? Time to get fit for Christmas!

There is still time to get fit for Christmas! All those niggly aches and pains that
you’ve been putting off finding time to get sorted? Now’s the time to book a physio

There have been many patients with problems in the run up to Christmas.

Writing Christmas cards for long periods on your knee on the sofa, or even at a table
that’s the wrong height, has given patients neck and shoulder pain. The problem
was there slightly but the concentrated effort against the clock exacerbated it.

Carrying heavy shopping bags often all in one hand has caused pain in the shoulder and also made tennis elbow worse, that was the partner though who was only the packhorse!

The classic is wrapping presents sitting on a sofa using the coffee table. This causes back pain and once the job is finished getting up from the chair was very difficult.

Over reaching to put up decorations has caused severe neck pain due to getting a slightly stiff neck into just the wrong position.

Overdoing it at the Christmas party can be dangerous in many ways. Apart from the hangover, a sprained ankle from too much alcohol and dancing, one patient did the splits on the dance floor to win a bottle of bubbly and tore his hamstring in the process – he didn’t win the champers either!

One poor patient, a manual worker, was confined to the arm chair at his in-laws during the festivities and came for treatment for a very bad back once he tried to go back to work.

Some people don’t take kindly to enforced rest!