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If you are suffering from pain behind the kneecap, at the front of the knee then it may be chondromalacia patella; this is a problem that is quite common in adolescent girls.

Some of the activities that may aggravate it are walking, climbing the stairs or playing sports.
The pain is often worse at night and other symptoms may include a slight roughening of the cartilage, this is the lining on the back of the kneecap, the cartilage becomes inflamed and rubs up and down the knee joint, this can cause pain and the condition can become quite debilitating over time.


Reducing the inflammation is the key and treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation can help reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process.
Some gentle exercise being careful to avoid aggravating the kneecap and not wearing high heels for a while will enable the patient to resume normal activities sooner.