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“A friend recommended I go to Jacqui when I was in crisis due to NHS blunders as I tried to recover from ligament repair and elbow replacement after an accident. I was in much pain that none of the NHS professionals could explain satisfactorily or do anything about, and my ROM (Range of Motion) had stopped increasing; I was stuck, and indeed, the message I was getting from the professionals was that I would not get any better.

Jacqui reassured me that I could and would make more progress with gentle movement and treatment. She had treated patients who were similarly stuck and got them back to acceptable levels of mobility, and so the healing progressed. Every time I saw her I had new things to report that I had managed to do as my ROM gradually increased and the pain and stiffness lessened.

Jacqui’s combined expertise in both physio & CTM, as well as her upbeat & encouraging attitude, and something about her that makes me feel she actually cares about me, my condition, and progress, makes for a mighty healing package! I would go for one NHS appointment or another and come away depressed, almost ready to believe their dire prognoses, and then Jacqui would counteract what I had been told, do her magical treatment, and I would know, again, that yes I WOULD get better.

Give her a try, it could make all the difference to you, as it has done for me.”

Mrs A

“I damaged my shoulders, resulting in neck, shoulder and back pain. After three months it was’t going away, so I went to Jacqueline for treatment. I was a little skeptical about the connective tissue method, as it felt so minimal, but it proved highly effective and required only four sessions. I have much improved mobility and he pain decreased with each treat ment. I just wish I’d gone sooner to this caring and highly skilled therapist!”

Margot D