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Tenosynovitis usually occurs at the wrist or ankle. The gliding surfaces of the tendon within the tendon sheath become inflamed. The sheath becomes roughened and inflamed from overuse. Any activity which uses that particular muscle will cause pain because the tendon has to move through the sheath. The body’s response to injury is to increase the tension in the connective tissue around the damaged part, like an Elastoplast, hindering movement even further.


Treatment by rest is only mildly effective because the original problem is not addressed and when the activity is resumed the problem recurs. Tablets may ease the pain but again not the problem. Treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation reduces the tension in the connective tissue in the area, improves the circulation and settles the inflammation. This allows the tendon to slide more easily through the sheath without pain. See Tendon injury – see Connective Tissue Manipulation