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The muscles on the inside of the thigh and hip act to pull the leg towards the midline. These are the adductor muscles. The muscle is often torn as a result of a sideways strain or in a tackle in football or on kicking the ball awkwardly. When the adductor muscle is damaged this is known as a groin strain. Injuries often happen when muscles haven’t been warmed up first. See Muscles for information about how muscles work. See tendon injury for information on tendon repair. After a groin strain the power in the adductor muscle is greatly reduced and the patient will often limp when walking. At first the patient needs to take small steps and not twist or step sideways or put any strain on the torn muscle fibres. Only when a return to full muscle strength has been achieved under medical supervision is it sensible for the patient to indulge in any form of sport, training or additional exercise by way of keep kit classes, working out in a gym, aerobics etc.


Rest and the application of techniques to improve the circulation and reduce the amount of adhesions between the muscle fibres are very important. Treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation and gentle exercises, once the limb is comfortable, speeds up the repair process and helps the patient to return to normal activities in the shortest possible time.