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A POLICEMAN aged 40 came for treatment suffering from chronic headaches. He had been involved in a fight with a suspect damaging his neck, head and shoulder which resulted in 10 years of daily headaches. These were aggravated by any activity especially when using the arms. The patient complained of pain on the right side of his head and had limited neck movements. By treating him with Connective Tissue Manipulation and Manual Lymph Drainage the limited neck movements improved and his headaches ceased. He was able to return to active police duties after 5 treatments spread over 2 weeks.

A Teacher in her 40s had recently hurt her foot playing sport. A couple of weeks prior to treatment she had hurt the foot again which she described as feeling like an arrow and was unable to walk on it at all. She complained of constant awareness in the instep and foot with pain on the outside of her toes. Stretching her foot and standing on it or walking made it much worse. She was more comfortable walking in heels but better still if she did nothing. She had a very stiff ankle and foot which was treated with Connective Tissue Manipulation. After 4 treatments she had full range of movement, no pain at all and was able to wear flat shoes. She went to a barn dance and was able to resume all her normal and sports activities.

Knee Pain

A man with a heavy, manual job, in his 50s, fell off a ladder 13 years ago and broke his kneecap. He had twinges of knee pain, which came and went and a history of knee problems since that time. One month before treatment his knee became more painful and he had constant discomfort. Climbing stairs and ladders and walking the dogs all made his knee worse. The pain lingered for a couple of minutes after activity and eased if he was sitting down. He claimed that his knee told him when it was going to rain! His knee was quite stiff and he could only bend it to a right angle. Just moving his knee was painful. He had treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation to his leg and exercises for his muscles once he was pain free. After 5 treatments he had full movement and was able to climb ladders and stairs without pain. His knee bend was better than his ‘good’ leg and he no longer had warning of impending rain!!

Poor Circulation

A farmer came for treatment for cold feet. She wore 4 pairs of socks and wellies that were 2 sizes too big yet she still came in from milking with freezing cold feet. After 3 treatments with Connective Tissue Manipulation she was able to wear one pair of socks and her own wellies and despite standing on the concrete for 2 hours first thing in the morning, had warm feet when she came in for breakfast.


A social worker came in one day with back pain. During the examination she was asked if she had PROBLEMS WITH CONSTIPATION. No she said she was very regular, she went to the loo every Thursday morning at 9 o’clock! When it was suggested Connective Tissue Manipulation could help her to go daily she was unsure whether she had time to spend three quarters of an hour on the loo every day but was willing to see what happened. She had 3 treatments with Connective Tissue Manipulation over a 10-day period and her back pain went. Also she was amazed to be able to say that she was going to the loo every day and only spending a few minutes there each time – something she had never experienced before, even as a child. Her energy and joie de vivre also improved immensely. See Case Study on Lower Back Pain.

Sports Injuries

A very athletic 14-year-old schoolgirl, who played discuss, shot and javelin to county level, came with a 2-month history of constant, severe pain on the front of her knee which disturbed her sleep. The pain was worse walking uphill, climbing stairs and going for long walks. Her knee was very stiff and occasionally gave way causing her to give up athletics. A Chondromalacia patella was diagnosed. She had 5 treatments with Connective Tissue Manipulation over 7 days. After the 2nd treatment the pain was no longer constant and her movement was almost normal. After the 3rd treatment she competed in county athletics without pain. After 4th treatment she had full range of movement and no pain and learnt exercises to do at home to strengthen the muscles. She had had no recurrence of the problem a year later.

Baby Colic

Our youngest patient treated was only a week old!! The poor little mite couldn’t sleep and was ratty the whole time he was awake. He lay on his mother’s lap with colicky pains and was a generally irritable little chap. He was treated with Connective Tissue Manipulation which even on a child of that age reduces the connective tissue tension and we sorted out his colic problems. It was lovely to watch him become calmer.

Lower Back Pain

A MOTHER lifted a 2-year-old child up off the floor and felt a sudden pain in her lower back. She came for treatment the following day complaining of constant pain which increased with all movements. She was very stiff and in some distress. She had treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation and a simple exercise to do at home. Her pain eased during the first visit and after 3 treatments she had full range of movement and was pain free and discharged.

Bunion Pain

A patient with a painful bunion was referred by an orthopaedic consultant. This turned out to be a classic case of referred pain. No movement of the foot affected the pain but moving his back affected the bunion pain. Treatment with Connective Tissue Manipulation and the MacKenzie Exercise Regime reduced the pain in his bunion.