PMT is a term used to cover the changes that occur just prior to a woman’s period. Very often there are emotional as well as physical changes which can sometimes have quite profound consequences in relationships. A pre-menstrual woman needs great understanding which is not always forthcoming. Often the emotional side of PMT comes on incipiently so that by the time the woman has realised why she feels so ratty her period has started and the PMT has passed! Most women ‘grin-and-bear-it’ thinking its normal but their friends and relatives can go through hell. Excess fluid is often kept retained just prior to a period, which can cause a feeling of bloatedness and general discomfort.


With Manual Lymph Drainage can help to reduce the swelling and enable the body to manage periods more easily. Medically hormone treatments or tranquillisers can be prescribed for severe cases. PMT can be helped by Connective Tissue Manipulation reducing the tension in the connective tissue around the nerves helping them to conduct impulses more easily and so improving hormonal control. Tension in the connective tissue around the brain and spinal cord is also reduced which allows the brain to function more normally giving relief to the emotional consequences of PMT.